It is recommended that your BREEAM assessor is appointed at an early stage i.e. RIBA Stage B is ideal as some of the credits are only achievable if addressed at this point and incorporating the requirements into the design is much easier.

Some BREEAM assessors act as auditors only whereas our service provides active and dedicated advice specific to your project. You will have unlimited access for advice with regard to your assessment.

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BREEAM Process
This is usually required pre planning to demonstrate that the design is capable of achieving the required BREEAM rating. An assessor will discuss the project with the design team to identify which credits the project is likely to achieve and determine a prospective score. If the required score is not achievable then the BREEAM assessor will advise on the most cost effective and best way to increase the score.
The design stage assessment is normally undertaken during early RIBA stages and can move through to the construction stages. This is effectively proving to the BRE that the project should achieve certain credits. Your assessor will request information and evidence to confirm the intentions of the project and they will collect and collate all the evidence and report to the BRE. The BRE undertakes a QA of the documentation provided and if the building complies then a design stage certificate should be issued.
Design Stage
This is a process to confirm that all design stage aspirations have been achieved. The BREEAM assessor will undertake a site visit to ensure that all credits can be signed off in accordance with BREEAM and they will again collect and collate evidence and report to the BRE. The BRE will again undertake the QA process and if all is compliant then a post construction certificate can be awarded. This is the completion of the BREEAM assessment (unless BREEAM In Use is required) and the certification can be provided to sign off the requirement of that particular planning condition.

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