An EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate and is required upon completion of most new build (exemptions can occur including places of worship etc. (contact us for further advice), and at the sale or letting of a property.


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Commercial EPC's & Part L Compliance
What is an EPC and who needs it?
For an existing building your dedicated registered non-domestic energy assessor will provide you with a questionnaire for your building which you will need to complete and return. They will then conduct a survey of your property and use the data and information to complete SBEM calculations. SBEM stands for Simplified Building Energy Modelling. The results if the modelling will dictate your asset rating and this will be lodged with the appropriate body and an EPC will be issued along with a recommendation report.
What does a Commercial EPC entail?
Your project will need to meet either Building Regulations Part L2A or Part L2B compliance. This will be confirmed by building control but your assessor can also advise. Your assessor will provide you with a questionnaire for your building and request plans. They will then complete an SBEM for your building and if it is non-compliant then you will be advised on how best to achieve compliance. Once the building design meets compliance then a draft EPC will be provided along with a BRUKL which stands for Building Regulation United Kingdom Part L. The BRUKL output document details the information which has been input to SBEM. Construction must take place in accordance with the design and your assessor must be notified if changes are made to ensure compliance is still achievable. Once complete confirmation will need to be provided that the building was constructed as designed and all services were installed as designed. The EPC can then be lodged with the relevant body and certification can be provided.
New build / amended existing building
Your assessor will advise you of how to meet all additional energy requirements and provide you with certification as set out above in line with the additional requirements over and above the Part L requirements.
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